Is dental implant surgery painful?

Getting dental implant surgery can be an intimidating experience. You can lose this pre-surgery anxiety by getting knowledge about the preparation, procedure, and recovery. If you are thinking of getting implants, read more about the procedure here!

The procedure of receiving dental implants is the first necessary step toward restoring bite and chewing capabilities. Dental implants also preserve the structure of the jaw after losing teeth. Implants can support various different prostheses that can replace missing or damaged teeth.
Dental implants are put in the jaw and then fuse with the bones in the jaw, making them anchors for various tooth replacement option. Those with dental implants can get crowns, bridges, or even removable teeth that can feel just as natural as original teeth.

Dental implants provide patients with my advantages, but patients do often have some fears about this procedure. By gaining knowledge about the procedure, this pre-procedure anxiety can be alleviated.

Are Dental Implants an Invasive Procedure?
Getting dental implants is not as intimidating as it sounds. While the procedure does include inserting screw-like implants in the jaw, the procedure is actually quiet simple. Most commonly, patients will experience some pain, swelling, and bleeding but these symptoms can all be managed with the proper medication and a good amount of rest.

Is Dental Implant Surgery Painful?
Pain from dental implant surgery is typically considered mild to moderate and it all depends on the type of surgery and techniques that are being used. Most patients report a pain level of a 5 or less on a scale of 1 to 10.

If patients experience mild pain, simple medications such as Advil can resolve this discomfort. Patients who experience pain that is more moderate can use a combination of over the counter medication as well as prescription codeine until the symptoms subside. In the first two days of the procedure, patients will most likely experience swelling in the gums but this can be relieved with an ice pack. If pain still persists after two days, heat should be applied to the jaw. In order to minimize any discomfort it is important for patients to be gentle with their gums and to avoid hard or spicy food.

How To Prepare for Dental Implant Surgery?
Before getting dental implants, there are steps that patients should take to make the recovery go over smoothly. Here are a few steps that patients can do before surgery:
-Prepare Meals: In the first few days after surgery it is important to eat softer foods like smoothies and soups. Because patient’s gums might be tender, it is important to avoid hard foods such as raw vegetables or nuts. Patients should avoid acidic or spicy food in order to lessen any discomfort.

-Plant Events Accordingly: Patients should no plan important events until about a week after surgery. The first couple of days after surgery should be devoted to rest. While some patients do return to work or school sooner, it is important to self care and rest.
-Fast: Patients should not eat for 4-12 hours before surgery. Checking with your surgeon is required.
-Get A Ride Home: It is important to arrange for someone to pick up the patient after surgery. Since dental implants sometimes require sedation, it is important to get a ride home after the surgery. It is important to check with the dentist regarding any medication and supplements that are being taken before the surgery.
-Rest: A good night’s rest is important for a better recovery.
What should be Done After Surgery?
-Decrease the workout routine: Patients should not strain themselves after dental implant surgery.
-Rest: It is important for patients to rest at least three days after surgery. This amount of time can change based on the number of implants that are placed.
-Nourishment: Patients should be taking a vitamin supplement after surgery. Because patients’ diets will be limited after surgery, it is important to take supplements to nourish the body.
If you have any other questions on how to prepare for this surgery please contact us!